Introducing Bigfoot Canvas

A bowed canvas/frame combination for artists who paint. This revolutionary new concept in painting surfaces creates a canvas that literally reaches out to the artist – inviting creativity! The completed masterpiece can be reinserted into the integral frame for instant display. The finished artwork can stand by itself on a table or shelf, or it can be hung on a wall.

Whether you’re a beginning artist looking for immediate gratification, a blocked artist facing the ‘blank canvas’ syndrome, or an established artist looking for a new way to add depth and structure to your work, this canvas is sure to please. The exacting craftsmanship will meet your highest standards.

The Canvas

A three-dimensional painting surface ready for you to unleash your creativity in new and exciting ways.


A presentation unlike any other canvas. Stand out from the crowd with a Bigfoot Canvas.


Sturdy construction with high quality materials including a professional grade canvas surface perfect for painting.

Leave Your Mark

Leave your fear behind and experience the joy of creating a masterpiece on a curved surface.